Rea Distribution is now in its third generation which we feel demonstrates our familys passion and dedication to succeed in getting the job done.

The History of Rea Distribution Ltd.

Rea Transport originated in the early Seventies by John Rea Senior who operated the business from a rented room in the home of Louie McCann in Belfast. Rea Transport was famous for being the first haulage Company in Ireland to purchase a purpose built refrigerated trailer. Rea Transport had a fleet of approximately 20 Articulated Trucks.

As the business grew from strength to strength John developed his passion for motorcycle racing. The name Rea Racing is known throughout the world as John sponsored long term family friend Joey Dunlop, giving him the Rea Racing Yamaha TZ 750 which Joey rode to his first ever Victory in the 1977 Isle of Man TT.

In 1979 John’s only son also named John (known as Johnny) joined the family business and balanced a life of working with his father and racing motorbikes. Johnny became well known in his Racing career and accumulated numerous Irish Road and Circuit Championships and also won the Isle Of Man TT in 1989.

In 1981 John Senior sold Rea Transport to Hugh Murphy and Started a new Company Rea Distribution Limited. In 1991 John began a business relationship with the newly formed Trans Bridge Freight Services who had the foresight to believe they could develop and bridge the gap shipping freight from the Mainland to Ireland. This relationship flourished with Rea Distribution Limited becoming the Distribution Agent in Northern Ireland for Transbridge Freight Services.

25 years later we are proud to say that we are still providing Transbridge Freight Services with the same highly respected and valued service.

John Senior worked right up until his death in October 1993 aged 67. Johnny then a father of two, later to become four, carried on with the business and continued with his racing career until his own sons started getting involved in the sport. Balancing fatherhood, racing and working Johnny made the decision to retire from the sport to concentrate on his thriving business and family.

Today Johnny feels that history is repeating itself with Jonathan his eldest son contending for the 2015 World Motorcycling Championship and his other two Sons Richard and Kristofer both actively involved in the day to day running of the business with his only daughter Chloe currently studying at school and intending to go to University.

Now in our third generation Road haulage and Motorbike Racing remain close to our hearts demonstrating the Rea Family’s passion and dedication to succeed in getting the job done. We have just recently moved to our new premises on the Greystone Road in Antrim which offers us the facilities to continue to expand and develop our business according to our Customers needs.