Famous for being the first haulage Company in Ireland to purchase a purpose built refrigerated trailer, take a look in this section to learn what other news Rea Transport has to tell you.



Rea Distribution is proud to introduce our new temperature controlled Twin Evap - Gray & Adams trailer, powered by Thermo King SLXI Spectrum unit. This temperature controlled trailer has been built with the customer in mind which allows us to serve our pharmaceutical and wholesale clients.


It includes the latest seven telematics system, which provides us with live temperature monitoring and data feeds to ensure our customers cargo is kept at the required temperature specification.


RDTV003 is one of the first temperature controlled trailers owned by the company in recent times. We have researched over five decades of business heritage to find traces of the last temperature controlled trailers. At this time in 1970, Rea Transport (owned by the late John Rea) was growing rapidly; wining contracts with Tunney Meat Packers and Ulster Meats, carrying fresh meat around England, Europe and as far as Algiers. John Rea was one of the first hauliers in Ireland to purchase a purpose-built refrigerated trailer.


We are also very pleased with the design of the split livery showcasing our freight partners and MHRA license holder, Transbridge Freight Service who offer a viable groupage solution which is fully licensed and GDP compliant with the MHRA.


For any of your temperature controlled requirements please contact richard@readistribution.co.uk